The Historic 7 Passes | 9 September 2017

The historic "Seven Passes" meandering route between George and Knysna passes through heavy, lushly indigenous forest. This road used to be the Garden Route’s main highway connecting George with Knysna. The Seven Passes takes you past seven gorges cut deep by rivers flowing to the sea, offering some of the best MTB in the country.

The 2017 edition of the 7 Passes MTB race will start from the Glenwood House School on the edge of the beautiful town of George. Riders staying over in Knysna and joining the Garden Route Events team for the supported social cruise back to George the following day can safely leave their cars at the start venue.

The 08H00 Glenwood House start will give riders bragging rights to actually doing 8 passes at this year’s event as the extra 4km from the edge of George includes the not so challenging Swartrivier Pass close to where one can see the Garden Route Dam wall.

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